Description: Igarashi Shun became a college student. He goes back to the place where he left behind the sweet and sour memories of his childhood, and after 10 years he meets his childhood friend Chiyo-chan again.

Artist / Artist: Hoshino Coco
Genres: Award Winning * Comedy * Drama * Romance * School Life * Shoujo * Slice of Life
Type: Webtoon (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing

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Please Note: I have been forced by, the copyright holder of this series, to abandon the translation of this series via a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) cease publication letter. I have also been required to remove all translated chapters from (you can still read up to chapter 195 in English on other aggregate manga sites). It was fun while it lasted, devoting over four years to the project and working on almost 200 chapters. However, I still "read" each new chapter on and with the generous help of SWAWO, we intend to offer summaries of each new chapter for those who still want to follow the story.
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